First day of school = First day KIDS FREE!

First day of school = First day KIDS FREE!

Ok let’s be honest… we are all good moms and we all love our kids… but after two freakin’ months day and night/night and day together we cannot just wait the school to begin.
So forget about the super cute “first day of school kits”. Been there, done that and you can download the breakfast party kit for the first day of school here (click on the image)

Now that you’ve done the good-mama-first-day-of-school-kit…. it’s time to celebrate the 1st day of freedom!!! 😀

After you kiss goodbye your son and/or daughter… enjoy your day or welcome the routine.
Take a picture with the sign in any crazy, happy, rocknroll way you want and post it with these tags #1stdaykidsfree and tag me @worldwideparty or @worldwidemomlife.

Remember always to take take time for yourself…you are really a good mom (even if you are celebrating the first day of school!).

Have a great school year 😀


DOWNLOAD SIGN HERE: 1stdaykidsfree-wwp



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